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In 1999, Robert and Anne Hodges decided to step out on faith and pursue their business fulltime. Anne had been in retail 20 years prior. Robert owned several businesses prior. The couple started out carrying predominantly top quality suits. As the fashions changed and many request were made, they incorporated satana knits such as Ming Wang and Elana. Over ten years later Anne’s Beautiful Creations offers you a customed knit for the professional Women.

To those of you who are repeat customers, “Thank You” for your friendship and continuing patronage. To those of you considering placing an order with us for the first time, we welcome the opportunity to assist you and add you to our growing list of friends.




  • Confidence

    We can help you become a more confident speaker, whether on a one-to-one or a group basis, when giving an interview or presentation.

  • Style

    Communication is not only what we say, it is also about how we present ourselves visually and professionally.

  • Personal Branding

    We can create a memorable and captivating personal image for you that will help you market and promote yourself as a business.

It’s in the reach of my arms, The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips, I’m a woman. Phenomenally.

Maya Angelou


June 5-8
Hampton, VA

Hampton University Ministers' Conference and 83rd Choir Directors.

June 19-23

St. Louis, MO

National Baptist Convention